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Illinois Drug Crimes Lawyer, Taking Your Charges Seriously

Those charged with an Illinois drug crime must take those accusations seriously, securing the strongest defense available. Understand that jail or prison time, serious fines, and living with a criminal record can all change the trajectory of your life in ways you cannot begin to imagine. Even a conviction for a minor marijuana charge can severely impact your rights, including your ability to rent a home, obtain a federal college loan, or to get a professional license.

By consulting the Law Offices of Vincent F. Cornelius, with offices in Joliet and Wheaton, you will be taking an important step toward securing a more positive outcome for pending drug charges. Attorney Vincent F. Cornelius understands that your particular situation is not the same as that of any other client. He will work aggressively to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances surrounding the case, as well as ensuring you have a thorough understanding of your charges and the potential outcomes.

Drug Crimes: Subject to Federal and State Drug Laws

Your drug charges may range from possession to sale or distribution, and could be prosecuted as a felony or misdemeanor, depending on the drug, the amount and other statutory factors. A possession charge could be charged under federal or Illinois state laws. It can be more advantageous in some cases to be charged under state statutes, avoiding harsher federal penalties.

The Law Offices of Vincent F. Cornelius can assist you with the following felony and misdemeanor drug crime matters:

  • Asset Forfeiture Laws
  • Cocaine Charges
  • College Student Drug Crimes
  • Crack Charges
  • Drug Court Appearances
  • Drug Paraphernalia Charges
  • Drug Possession Charges
  • Drug Possession With Intent to Deliver
  • Drug Trafficking Charges
  • Ecstasy Charges
  • First Offender Probation
  • Heroin Charges
  • Manufacture & Delivery of Drugs
  • Marijuana Charges
  • Marijuana Grow Houses
  • Methamphetamines
  • Operating a Meth Lab
  • OxyContin & Oxycodone Charges
  • Other Prescription Drug Charges
  • TASC Probation Programs

In many instances, an arrest for a drug crime follows a stop for a minor infraction, such as speeding, during which the police officer searches the car and finds drugs. In fact, depending on where the drugs were found, the case against you could be significantly weakened due to the legal distinction between constructive possession and actual possession. Attorney Vincent F. Cornelius is a former DuPage County Assistant State's Attorney. This experience and involvement in felony and misdemeanor cases gives the law firm a comprehensive advantageous view of both sides of the prosecution of drug charges.

Illinois Penalties Associated with Drug Charges

Those found guilty of a drug crime could potentially face probation, jail or prison as well as significant fines and fees. Jail or prison time could range from 30 days to 30 years. In some cases, drug courts may offer deferred prosecution for a first offender; a criminal conviction could potentially be avoided by successfully completing a mandated drug court program. Illinois drug crime laws are extremely complex, requiring a highly experienced attorney. Vincent F. Cornelius has over 25 years’ experience and will aggressively look at every possible option in order to achieve the most positive results on behalf of his clients. Those who require the reputation of a large law firm with the attention of a small law firm as well as a seasoned, respected, aggressive attorney need the Law Offices of Vincent F. Cornelius.

Getting the Help You Need from an Experienced Drug Charges Attorney

Calling the Law Offices of Vincent F. Cornelius could be the best decision you make after being charged with a drug crime. Attorney Vincent F. Cornelius has successfully represented hundreds of individuals facing drug charges. He utilizes his extensive knowledge of Illinois drug laws and familiarity with the local court system. His sharply-honed trial skills on work behalf of his clients with the goal of helping them avoid jail or prison time and a felony conviction on their record. Contact the law firm today in Wheaton at 630-665-6644 or in Joliet at 815-723-7300.

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