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Juvenile Delinquencies

All attorneys in juvenile court are not created equally. Every attorney who's competent to handle an adult criminal case is not competent to handle a juvenile case. Many juvenile delinquency cases allow for incarceration and juvenile court cases have a distinct set of …

Drug Charges

Those charged with an Illinois drug crime must take those accusations seriously, securing the strongest defense available. Understand that jail or prison time, serious fines, and living with a criminal record can all change the trajectory of your life in ways you cannot …

Felony Criminal Cases

With law offices in Wheaton and Joliet, criminal defense attorney Vincent F. Cornelius defends clients charged with felony crimes. If you are facing felony criminal charges, call or e-mail the law firm: Joliet office: 815-723-7300 Wheaton office: 630-665-6644 …

Joliet Criminal Defense Attorney

When Navigating Through the Illinois Court Systems, Experience Counts

Criminal defense is the cornerstone of our practice. When you are accused of a crime, you are presumed innocent until the prosecutor proves your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. To protect your presumption of innocence, you need an attorney who is experienced, respected, and fearless in requiring the state to meet this very high burden of proof.

Vincent F. Cornelius is a former Assistant State’s Attorney. He has more than 25 years of experience. He has been selected as a 2015 Illinois Super Lawyer and he has the highest AVVO Superb Rating of 10. Mr. Cornelius served as the Second Vice President of the Illinois State Bar Association and as the 140th President of the ISBA from 2016 to 2017. He served as a Commissioner of the Governor’s Commission on Criminal Law Reform, which was charged with rewriting the Illinois Criminal Code.

The Law Offices of Vincent F. Cornelius leaves not even the smallest detail to chance. Clients have an advocate who is accessible, and who consistently crafts an aggressive and calculated legal strategy. As a former Assistant State’s Attorney in DuPage County and a former Supreme Court Rule 711 Law Clerk in the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office, Vincent F. Cornelius has a unique perspective on criminal defense and trial advocacy. He uses that perspective to the advantage of his clients.

Our Criminal Defense Practice Areas: Customized Attention for Your Unique Case

ISBA Member Lawyer Vincent F. Cornelius Discusses Criminal Law in Illinois
ISBA Member Lawyer Vincent Cornelius Discusses Illinois Jury Duty

The Law Office of Vincent F. Cornelius offers a detail-oriented approach to each case; Attorney Vincent F.Cornelius spends the necessary time researching the evidence in your case as well as that of similar cases. He immerses himself in the environment of the alleged offense, gathering detailed information, and preparing a persuasive defense. Whether a client is facing a homicide or other serious felony charges, juvenile court charges, DUI, Property crime offenses or just a simple traffic offense, Attorney Vincent F. Cornelius possesses the full range of knowledge and skill to successfully defend your case.

Fighting Aggressively for Your Rights and Your Future

From the moment a client steps into the Law Offices of Vincent F. Cornelius, the defense is tailored specifically to the individual circumstances and the specific crime. Attorney Vincent F. Cornelius does not believe in a one-size-fits-all defense, and while he is a skilled negotiator, he is an equally aggressive litigator. At the first meeting, the priority will be to collect the necessary information, ensuring you receive all essential answers and information.

Each client file contains such crucial information as the applicable statutes describing the charges, a profile of the judge assigned to the case, the courtroom assignment, possible sentencing alternatives and the very best strategy for defending the case. Should the case go to trial, Attorney Vincent F. Cornelius is highly skilled in assessing jurors and even targeting key jurors when required. Like all clients of Attorney Cornelius, you will benefit from a lawyer who has served thousands of clients in the Illinois with legal distinction, negotiating skills, and courtroom savvy.

Effective Advocacy, Dedicated Client Assistance

From the moment a client walks into the Law Offices of Vincent F. Cornelius, he begins to prepare a defense that is tailored to the facts and circumstances of the specific allegation. Attorney Cornelius does not believe in a one-size-fits-all defense. Attorney Cornelius makes it a point to investigate the facts of each case thoroughly, to know the various laws that apply to the case, to know the tendencies of the judge, and to thoroughly investigate the accusations as well as the credibility of those making the accusations.

Attorney Vincent F. Cornelius is skilled in the assessment and selection of jurors, and even targeting key jurors at trial. All clients of Attorney Cornelius benefit from a lawyer who has served thousands of satisfied clients in the Illinois. While he is a respected and seasoned trial lawyer, he is a skilled negotiator as well.

At the Cornelius Law office, we recognize that the court system is among the most stressful life experiences the average person will encounter. There is often a sense that your future hangs in the balance. Our approach is meticulous and very effective. Know that your case will receive all of the attention it requires, and a seasoned attorney will scrutinize every detail before presenting thorough and compelling case.

Contact the Law Offices of Vincent F. Cornelius in Wheaton at 630-665-6644, or at the Joliet office at 815-723-7300.


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